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glass bongs

Listen up, son! While chillin’ to that old school rap you need to get the mood lit and your head right. How are you going to do that? You need to place that herb inside of a glass bong and start smoking like a champ! Nasty joint nubs in your ash tray? No more! No need to stock up or concern yourself with running out of rolling papers either. Because your new water pipe has everything you need, ready to blow at a moments notice. So whatcha waiting foh? Head on over to an online bong store – herbtools and get yourself what you deserve. The pressures of life is something we all have to deal with, so throw that rap on your hifi and await delivery of your purchase.

Where can you find glass bongs for sale safely and discreetly?

HerbTools has glass bongs for sale online, so why bother shopping elsewhere? Y’all just wasting your time reading this, you could be shopping for an incredibly cool bong right this second! Go! Get out of here!


So you want more information on why you should buy a waterpipe

Ok, fine. Let me break it down real quick for y’all. Listen up now. Imagine taking a drag on a joint. In-vision the red hot rock just centimetres away from your face, glowing brighter every millisecond you take a drag. The smoke pouring off this hot rock is like a damn volcano. And your stupid ass is just inhaling straight down your throat and into your lungs, with no attempt at cooling it down?! Not the brightest move, Jack. But does water really help filter the smoke? Maybe not as much as previously thought. But it is still a huge difference to not passing it through the water.