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First two albums in stores today… Loads more bong articles and cannabis info on the way too.

Break out your piggybanks! Original Dope launches its first two releases today. To wit: a deluxe, expanded 20th anniversary edition of Ruthless Rap Assassins‘ Killer Album and Blade‘s pioneering 1993 double The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength, fully on CD for the first time ever. Any hard-boiled UK collection needs these cornerstone releases – Amazon have even temporarily sold out of their initial stock – so get thee to the shops pronto or order yours right here right now.

But don’t just take our word for it! A handful of independent tastemakers are also on the case…

OD met up with a fine, upstanding chap from Hiphop.com last week, who was effusive in his praise of these previously lost gems, describing Killer Album as containing “the most erudite lyrics written about being black in Thatcher’s Britain ever”, while Blade apparently “bashes ears into cauliflower submission with his abrasive self-produced beats” and lyrics “delivered with supreme, critic-defying confidence.” For some reason, the powers that be at Hiphop.com are either super tardy or running strictly on ‘hip-hop time’ – i.e. several years late – so let’s hope this timely nudge means said scribe’s critical efforts haven’t been all in vain.

This ‘hip-hop time’ disease is obviously infectious – look out for imminent critical beatdowns from the seasoned ears at Fat Lace and Certified Banger any day soon.

Away from the blogosphere, Original Dope also popped up in The Guardian last week as part of Angus Batey‘s great piece on the perils of the hip-hop heritage market.

And if you’ve already bought the albums and proved yourself to be a sage and discerning sort, you could always spread the love to your wardrobe. There’s a range of strictly limited edition, 100% cotton T-shirts selling like proverbial hotcakes in our Merchandise section – all Ts are a snip at £12.99 inclusive of P&P in the UK.

More news soon, including an exclusive preview of OD’s next release – an expanded edition of MC Duke‘s funky time capsule Organised Rhyme, dropping November 8.


Established in 2010, Original Dope is committed to preserving the legacy of the best hip-hop music on the planet. With a strong emphasis on classic British rap and lost American standards – if it bangs, we bring it!

Curated by Andy Cowan, long-time editor of the world’s original rap magazine Hip-Hop Connection, special care is taken to ensure all Original Dope releases have the extra boom your buck deserves.

Every CD is a digitally remastered, expanded edition, with lavish packaging, exclusive liner notes, original photography and super rare bonus beats. Original Dope is an imprint of the Cherry Red Records group.
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